We are aware that difficult times may come up with your Clients and Suppliers and that a dispute may arise.

We believe that  Litigation should be avoided as long as it is possible to find an amicable solution. 

We strongly believe in Mediation and Collaborative Law processes that allow the parties of a dispute to find a settlement out-of-court and avoid lengthy, risky and costly legal proceedings. 

In case the Mediation process is not successful in spite of the efforts of both parties, we can assist with  Litigation before national courts or Arbitration panels.

We promote Arbitration as a time and cost-effective means to solve disputes, with a final decision issued by a competent and credible arbitrator.

We love to make acquaintance with our prospective clients over a free-of-charge call in order get a first understanding of their matter.

So do not hesitate to get in touch via email or phone!

We are proud to put to the service of our clients our decade-long experience, with hundreds of successful projects and happy clients.



We are Commercial  Litigation Attorneys and have assisted our clients as Commercial Litigators by providing Commercial  Litigation Services in the most complex French Disputes before the French courts (Tribunal de Commerce – Tribunal Judiciaire – Cours d’Appel) such as important debt recovery procedures (350.000 € 2023) and Business real estate assets Litigation (1.2M € 2021). 


We propose to our clients to get in touch with our Commercial  Litigation Mediators for a first meeting in order to assess the feasibility of the Mediation.

We also provide Collaborative Law assistance, which is an out-of-court process where the parties’ lawyers negotiate a settlement solution on behalf of their clients. 


We provide  International Litigation Services to our clients thanks to our partners that are highly skilled Lawyers qualified to practice in Canada, the US and China.

We are also an International Arbitration Law Firm with a solid knowledge of the procedure and the most relevant case law thanks to our cooperation with important Arbitration Law Firms. 

Our firm is a member of the European Court of Arbitration (Cour Européenne d’Arbitrage – CEA) based in Strasbourg and we are an enthusiastic supporter of the annual Vis Moot competition administered by the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Association, based in Vienna (Austria).

Our Partners

We work closely with many Law Firms and Accountants around the globe.

Through our Partners, we are able to provide assistance with the following matters:

US Tax and Accounting

US and Canada Immigration Law

Business Setup in the US, Canada and UAE/Dubai

Trademark Registration in the US and Europe

Borderless Counsel