In an ever globalized world, Inheritance and Gift matters often involve Cross-Boarder aspects.

Clients are often in the situation of being the beneficiaries of Inheritance and Gifts coming from countries other than their country of residency. 

This may create uncertainty for the beneficiary about the tax treatment of the received Gift or Inheritance, who may wonder the following questions:

  • Shall I pay any taxes in the country of the donor/deceased?
  • Shall I pay any taxes in my country of residency?
  • Shall I pay any taxes at all, in any country?

We assist our private clients in understanding when they are liable for Gift or Inheritance taxes in France as well as in the other country(ies) involved.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the French Inheritance Tax legislation and the International Inheritance and Gift Tax Treaties (i.e. Double Tax Agreements – DTAs), we make it possible to eliminate Double Taxation or reduce taxation on International Inheritance and Gifts. 

We assist Non-Resident clients in understanding the Inheritance and Gift Tax in France when they have inherited French assets. 

We are particularly experienced in assisting our clients in solving Cross-Boarder Inheritance and Gift Double Taxation issues involving the following countries: France, Italy, US, Spain, Germany and the UK.

We love to make acquaintance with our prospective clients over a free-of-charge call in order get a first understanding of their matter.

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Our Partners

We work closely with many Law Firms and Accountants around the globe.

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