International Tax and Business Law

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Areas of Practice


International TAX

Our opinions on tax issues are built on a accurate study of our clients' cases and are aimed to provide a reliable advice that enable our private and business clients to confidently make their key personal and business decisions.

AClegal crafts promptly implementable and law-abiding International Tax Planning techniques with regard to:

 - Business Restructuring

- Transfer Pricing

 - Intellectual Property Asset                  Management

 - Corporate Finance

 - Asset and Wealth Management

Proper guidance is granted to our multinational clients with regard to the assessment of their businesses' world-wide Tax Risk. 

AClegal also advises clients on French and Italian Gift and Inheritance taxes





We have extensive experience in negotiating, drafting and reviewing business deals across all areas of Commercial contracts, such as:

- Sale of Goods

- Supply of Services

- Agency

- Distribution

- Financing

- Outsourcing

- Logistics

- Licensing

- E-commerce

- Marketing

We also specialize in drafting customized:

- Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

- Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) 

- Non-Compete Agreements

- Joint-Venture (JVAs) Agreements

- Inter-company Agreements

corporate structure

We assist any type of entity in drafting their constitutional documents and their stakeholders with the drafting of their agreements, such as:

-  Memoranda of Association

-  Articles of Association

-  Partnership Agreements

-  Shareholders' Agreements

and other corporate documents like:

- Codes of Conduct / Corporate Bylaws

- Anti-bribery Policies

- Annual Reports

AClegal assists its corporate clients with share capital operations as well as with corporate restructuring operations and transactions, such as:

- Mergers and Acquisitions

- Spin-offs

- Transfers of Assets or Securities

We advice our clients on how to effectively deal with international trade rules and regulations and assist them locally by relying on partner law firms.