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AC Legal has a longstanding and successful work history in advising Clients on International Tax and Business Law matters. 

Reliable, communicative and very responsive, we work regularly in English, French, Italian and Spanish

Over the years we specialized on a wide range of legal matters such as International Tax Consultancy for Small and Medium Corporations and Businesses, European Taxation and EU VAT Consultations for Online Businesses, Corporate and Business Law Consultations, among many others.

+10 years of practice

International experience in Europe and the US with clients from all around the world.

Exceptional knowledge

Focused on International Tax Law and Legal issues for Private and Business Clients.

Our Practice Areas

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International Tax Law

Our Tax Consultations aim to provide our Clients with timely responses when the most important decisions are at stake.

Business Contracts

Our firm boasts a longstanding experience in Commercial Contracts Negotiation, Drafing and Review.

International Corporate Structure

We assist our Clients in any operation concerning Corporate Structuring and Corporate Restructuring, International Structuring and Governance.


Commercial Litigation Mediation - Arbitration

We defend the interests of our Clients before the Italian and French Jurisdictions as well as in National and International Arbitration Proceedings.

International Personal Income Tax

We assist our clients to eliminate or minimize double taxation on their Personal Income like Salaries, Rental and Investment Income and solve their Double Tax Residency issues.

International Inheritance Tax and
Gift Tax

We assist our clients to eliminate Double Taxation when they are the recipients of Inheritance and Gifts involving more than one country.

Excellent Quality of Research and Reporting

Why Choose AC Legal

Knowledgeable and professional

International Tax and Business matters may become quite complex and require in-depth research. We are experienced enough to provide you with the right answers to your queries.

Transparent Fees

We like to work on an honest and clear basis: no action will be taken before your approval. Your budget is important, we respect that.

Excellent communication

We've always been qualified as great communicators by our customers. We are proud of it and we strive to keep doing it everyday.


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What Our Clients Say

Vincenzo Torchio
Vincenzo Torchio
Mi sono rivolto all' avvocato Catasti è il suo intervento è stato determinante per il calcolo delle tasse francesi relative ad una compravendita. Dopo innumerevoli tentativi esperiti in Italia, senza alcuna soluzione, l' avvocato Catasti, con competenza ed in modo celere, ha brillantemente risolto i nostri problemi. Consigliamo assolutamente di avvalersi di un professionista del suo calibro. Grazie avvocato !
Grazia Gualazzini
Grazia Gualazzini
Ho contattato l'Avvocato Catasti per problematiche legate ad una banca francese e il suo intervento è stato efficace, grazie alla sua competenza e professionalità. Grazie.
Nick Peden
Nick Peden
Andrea has been instrumental to me as someone with dual citizenship and global income that is navigating the financial implications of living between US and France. He patiently helped me understand a complex tax ecosystem and mapped-out ideal scenarios for me. I will continue to rely on Andrea and can easily recommend him to others in similar situations.
Ivan Kurochkin
Ivan Kurochkin
Andrea gave an extremely professional and in-depth analysis of various issues in the field of gambling and its taxation. Separately, I would like to note the willingness and ability to work under tight deadlines.
Diego Tosi
Diego Tosi
Excellent professionnel. Il nous a conseillé à propos de successions internationales et nous a apporté un aide remarquable.
Jean marc Giovannoli
Jean marc Giovannoli
Professionnel d’excellente qualité dont les conseils ont été extrêmement utiles.
Andrea Araldo
Andrea Araldo
Je me suis adressé à Maître Andrea Catasti pour une question d'impôts immobilière pour laquelle personne n'avait su donner une réponse claire. Maître Catasti a été très à l'écoute et très précis dans nos échange via email, via téléphone et via documents partagés. Il a donné une clarification très précise et professionnelle, sans cacher les incertitudes contenues dans les textes de loi et nous donner plusieurs perspectives, en précisant pour chacune un différent niveau de vraisemblance. J'ai apprécié son sérieux et sa transparence, alors que d'autres professionnels m'avaient donnés des "recettes toutes prêtes", mais sans savoir donner aucune justification (et en fait telle recettes étaient finalement incorrectes). Maître Cataste, au contraire, a produit une explication pleine de références normatives et des raisonnements très rigoureux.
Ilya Korostelev
Ilya Korostelev
Andrea is a highly qualified professional, will be happy to get another tax advice on international corporate taxation!
Cristina Mosin
Cristina Mosin
It was really great collaborating with Andrea, he is very knowledgeable, professional, and diligent! He supported our company with legal and tax advice, which really helped the company. I highly recommend Andrea Catasti to anyone looking for legal and tax support.